There Has Been An Awakening. You Probably Felt It

Who would have thought that one of the the most pertinent questions asked in 2015 would come from a disembodied voice in the first trailer for the latest Star Wars film. “There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?” a mysterious, baritone voice asks in the opening. While the voice refers to an ‘awakening’ in the invisible, yet ever-present Force of the Star Wars’ universe, one could say that a different kind of force has been awakening throughout the United States.

The awakening I speak of is the realization that the Republican Establishment can no longer serve as a vehicle to pursue conservative policy. Sure, this has been obvious for some time, and many diviners have prophesied this truth for ages, but now it appears that a serious number of voters have decided they will no longer take part in the political sadism the Establishment has come to rely on to compete electorally. It has been expected that when conservatives enter the voting booth they will hold their nose and vote for RINOs, the lesser of two evils. But this arrangement is no longer tenable.

The Republican Party has become prodigious in the art of capitulation, as no battle has been worth fighting, no hill worthy of dying upon. The Establishment would rather declare war on it own base, to label them as extremists with irrational expectations, than take on or criticize the increasingly autocratic Left. We have seen the GOP undermine its own candidates in tight elections and declare it may not support certain nominees should they be selected. All the while, conservatives have watched the culture and politics drift in a single direction, as progressives, by hook, crook, and Republican betrayal, have gotten their way on almost every major issue dealt with by Congress or the courts.

As always, the cancerous media is complicit, and not just the bootlicking liberal sphere. The most illuminating development since this civil war began has been various ‘conservative’ sites and ‘intellectuals’ revealing their true colors. This great schism has lifted the veils off of many Establishment enablers and resulted in a deluge of scales falling from the eyes of their disillusioned followers.

The long overdue conservative backlash has caused an embarrassing amount of hand-wringing by the conservative intelligentsia and liberals alike. As they sense their hold on power and relevancy slipping, they respond with every tired talking-point and scare tactic imaginable. These attacks do nothing but fan the flames. Every article they write, every time they brand their constituency as racists, nationalists, xenophobes, zealots, etc. they enlarge this disaffected groups’ numbers. And yet, day after day they insist on expressing their self-righteous outrage over conservatives’ ‘out-of-control’ anger, despite knowing it only pushes more people towards the ‘Dark Side.’ This makes the whole ordeal that much more enraging.

All this social signaling and gas lighting has become quite tiresome. The Beltway cocktail circuit must be pretty great if the desire for invitations can send these useless idiots into the paroxysms we have witnessed thus far.

Unfortunately for us, the lamentations and gnashing of teeth have only just begun. The National Review editorial page will label its readers racists once more, Frank Luntz’s bloated, bewildered face will continue to invade your television screen, as he desperately vies for the Academy’s recognition of his ongoing performance as a professional pollster, and Bill Kristol will threaten seppuku while an anxious, on-looking George Will winces from the pain of irrelevancy. This and so much more to look forward to in 2016.

This is it. Welcome to the new year.